Pet Services


Grooming can irritate and stress a pet, especially if it's during a trip to the veterinarian’s office. At Nature's Pet Market, we provide a gentle grooming experience, in a pet-centered environment. We remove all the harsh smells of the veterinarian's office to create a welcoming space for your animal.

Home Delivery

Due to your hurried life, you may not always be able to stop by the pet store. You may be homebound due to your health and cannot purchase the items you need for your pet in our store. Pet supplies such as food, litter, and cages are heavy and hard to carry. Nature’s Pet Market offers a convenient friendly service with delivery right to your door (at participating Nature's Pet Market locations only). Our service is available to most homes within the area.

Pet Self-Wash

Giving your pet a bath can be daunting task for both you and your animal. You may lack the space or your pet may be too easily distracted. If you cannot wash your pet in your yard, you run the risk of having muddy footprints tracked in your home. Bathing a pet at home can take a lot of time and agitate your pet.

Rescue Events

Are you looking to give an animal a new home? Our store features rescue events with animals in need of a good home. Nature's Pet Market regularly teams up with local rescue groups and no-kill shelters dedicated to finding suitable homes for deserving pets. One of these homes could be yours. These events are run by volunteers 100% devoted to placing pets with loving families, with a careful screening process.