Pet Self-Wash

Giving your pet a bath can be daunting task for both you and your animal. You may lack the space or your pet may be too easily distracted. If you cannot wash your pet in your yard, you run the risk of having muddy footprints tracked in your home. Bathing a pet at home can take a lot of time and agitate your pet.

We believe bathing a pet does not have to be a hard task for you or your animal. Our self-wash facility delivers everything you need for a soothing bath. Your home is insufficient to adequately bathe animals, as it was designed for humans, but we’re custom-made for animals. Our commitment to animals means we provide a pet-friendly space with all the elements for stress-free self-wash. Bring your animal to Nature’s Pet Market for a calm experience for all breeds and sizes.

Self-Wash Service

  • Pet-friendly gentle products to shampoo and condition
  • All natural products
  • Options for health and skin issues
  • Plush towels and wash clothes available
  • Soft washcloths and towels
  • Heightened tubs for easy bathing
  • Brushes and combs
  • Air-drying

We make it easy for you to bathe your animal and provide all the required supplies for one fee. Stop by Nature’s Pet Market and see the difference in our pet-committed facility today.