Grooming can irritate and stress a pet, especially if it's during a trip to the veterinarian’s office. At Nature's Pet Market, we provide a gentle grooming experience, in a pet-centered environment. We remove all the harsh smells of the veterinarian's office to create a welcoming space for your animal.

We can use shampoos formulated for any skin issues or other health issues, if you let us know of any concerns. Our services address all of your pet's needs with all-natural products in our fully-equipped facility. No size or breed is unwelcome, and all grooming is performed by well-qualified professionals.

Coat Grooming

  • Shampoo and condition
  • Excess fur clipped from eyes, coat and paws
  • Coat fluffed and towel-dryed with gentle air dryer
  • By request breed styling
  • Brushing and combing of coat
  • Treatments for skin and coat health

Additional Grooming

  • Nails trimmed
  • Ear cleansing for wax and debris
  • Expression of anal glands

Your pet should look as stylish at you do. Trust Nature's Pet Market for a service that rivals the veterinarian's office, with gentle attention to all of your pet's needs. We cherish your pet like they are our own, and we'll work to give them the best appearance possible.