About Us

We are a coalition of locally owned and operated stores striving to accomplish a unified mission to better the lives of our furry family members.  Our first affiliate family owned store was opened in 1977 in Huntington Beach, California.  After over 40 years of running pet supply and grooming stores, we have developed the most cutting-edge and trustworthy pet supply brand in the country.  Treat yourself and your pet to an experience you will never forget, and visit your one of our locally owned stores today!

Our Mission

We strive to better the lives of pets and their owners through proper education, exceptional customer service, all natural products, and green business practices.

What is the meaning behind our logo?


Green Leaf of a Banyan Tree - represents green products and green business practices

The Banyan Tree is famous for putting down roots above the ground to support new branches and give sustainable strength to support the whole tree.  Each new store we open creates another root to support the system as a whole and our mission "to better the lives of pets and their owners" in the local communities in which we live.

Wolf on Rock - represents our stance that proper nutrition is best understood by looking at the natural eating habits of our pets' ancestors (such as the wolf) and replicating their natural diet as much as possible

    • We believe pets are an integral part of our families and deserve our utmost kindness and respect.
    • We believe pets should receive the best care possible.
    • We believe proper nutrition is an essential component to ensuring our pets are given the best chance for sustained health and long-term well-being.
    • We believe in promoting products that use green practices and recycled materials.
    • We believe in offering a wide range of natural products that fit varying family budgets.
    • We believe in supporting local shelters and rescues and remain committed to reducing pet overpopulation.
    • We believe in providing our customers the best customer service and most knowledgeable staff in the pet supply industry.
    • We believe in using sustainable business practices whenever possible in order to preserve our natural environment.


One of our main objectives when expanding nationally was to team up with rescues around the country and help them find forever homes for our furry friends.  We are passionate about rescue.  Join us in this effort and contact your local store for details on the next onsite adoption event or for the best rescues in your area.