Certified Pet Dietitians

 In order to obtain Earthwise Pet’s title, Certified Pet Dietitian, staff members must complete over 300 hours of advanced pet nutrition curriculum. This curriculum includes a four part series of higher education provided by our own staff of Certified Pet Dietitians and accredited programs through our partners at DNM University and Academy of Natural Health Sciences. The final part of this process yields a triple certification in canine nutrition, feline nutrition and clinical pet nutrition.

These trainings are in addition to the rigorous pet nutrition education our staff receives upon hiring; diving much deeper into advanced nutrition topics and concepts. Nutrition and food science is ever-changing and because of this, we rely on the most up-to-date clinical nutrition research to build our training programs. Our Certified Pet Dietitians don’t stop studying once they have graduated from this program; they are expected to continuously learn in order to provide the most accurate and current information possible.

Most stores will have one of these badges:

Certified Pet Dietitian          Pet Dietitian In Training

Other certifications from DNM University:

DNM University - Pet Food Nutrition SpecialistDNM University - Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist